Tactless Sag – Submissive featuring Karolina Breeze

Official Music Video for, ‘Submissive’ by Tactless Sag featuring Karolina Breeze

Thank you for your support! I am a Chicago native who relocated to the suburbs when I was a kid, I resided in the slums of Harvey, IL and I spent most of my life traveling back and forth between the city I loved and the suburbs I wanted to escape. The division between the city and suburbs was quite evident but the poverty of the ghetto and crime in both places was the same. I turned to music at a very early age after entering a poetry contest in 6th grade and stunned the entire school with my words. I have always had a talent for mesmerizing a crowd with the crazy thoughts trapped in my mind.

At the age of 15 I began turning my pain into poetry and music as a way to escape the reality of what I was living! My music speaks life and rarely will you find me releasing music about something I haven’t experienced. I relocated to Tempe AZ in 2007 trying to escape my concrete jungle searching for peace in my tormented mind amongst palm trees and mountains. As I soon discovered you have to deal with your inner demons no matter where you go. I then moved to Phoenix in 2008 where I reside to this day. When you have a passion for something age, money and time doesn’t matter.

I always knew I was born with a gift and I am ready to share it with the world! Growing frustrated with trying to get my vision across to other artist and producers I began the journey of teaching myself how to use The Maschine MK2, Garage Band and Logic to create my own tracks. Once I learned that I taught myself how to Mix and Master music with the help of my friend and mentor Keith(Bubby)Webb and private Logic lessons with Theloniious Blade. I love to incorporate different genres into my creative process including Jazz, Rock, Classical and live music. This music is a journey and it takes time so I thank those who have chosen to go on this journey with me and I look forward to giving the world my music.

“Believe in yourself and never give up on you!”