T San Bruno – $he Endle$$

T San Bruno - $he Endle$

T San Bruno presenting his single, ‘$he Endle$$’

T San Bruno=emo rap artist. T San Bruno with his emo rap “$he Endle$$” song. 7 Heartbreaks by 7 different females in the past 7 years is why T San Bruno started recording emo rap. “I love emo rap & recording beautiful, depressed tracks for the world.” $he Endle$$ is an emotional ride through T San Bruno’s failed relationships. I rap in English & Italian. “$he Endle$$” is in English. I rap in Italian for my “Ciao Love” song which is on SoundCloud. I have a music video on YouTube for “$he Endless.” More songs & music videos coming soon! Follow me to Greatness on Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook & YouTube | My Life Story=CRAZY | Influenced by Juice WRLD & Fred De Palma in a massive way | I’m down to sell my soul & I’ll do this until I die.