Sylvain Millepied – NEVERWHERE (Review)

Sylvain Millepied - NEVERWHERE

Sylvain Millepied has just released his new expansive instrumental album, “NEVERWHERE”.

The title track on the album is a melancholy and nostalgic piece that features a poignant string section, evocative piano melody, and an atmospheric soundscape. It’s the perfect introduction to Sylvain’s sonic world, and the composition immediately sets the mood for the entire album.

“In Your Arms” is one of the standouts on the record, as it has a strong cinematic quality. In fact, Sylvain has scored original compositions for a variety of different cinematic projects. So it makes sense that his work is vividly evocative and visceral like a film score.

One of the most memorable songs on the album is “Flowing”. In this track, Sylvain creates a dark and expressive audio experience that is immersive and unforgettable. In this song in particular you can fully appreciate the sound production that perfectly balances all the instruments and gives each songs its distinctive vibrancy.

“Between the Lines” finishes off the album with an upbeat and energetic number that showcases the artist’s versatility and diverse repertoire. The string section in this piece is heart wrenching and Sylvain finishes off the album on a high note, leaving you wanting more.

Don’t miss out on this new piece of work from this multi-talented composer, arranger, conductor, and flutist. Listen to Sylvain Millepied’s new release, “NEVERWHERE”