Sunshyne Chit Chat – Tick Tock

Sunshyne Chit Chat - Tick Tock

Sunshyne Chit Chat releases new single “Tick Tock” check it out here

Sunshyne Chit Chat is a female rapper currently based in Southern California. Her music is filled with huge grooves and organic rhythms, but the most important thing for the artist is definitely the lyrical flow. Sunshyne works tirelessly in order to deliver authentic tracks, with a wordplay that’s filled with honesty and realness. In a world where a lot of rap music follows the same empty cliches, Sunshyne really brings a breath of much needed fresh air. Recently, she set out to release a single titled “Tick Tock”.

The track has a really intriguing “feel-good” vibe, which hits the listeners in a  very positive way. This is one of those tracks that will definitely pump you up and inspire you, making for a really motivational twist. The song immediately hits the mark with fantastic melodies and punchy drum machine beats, and on top of it all, Sunshyine’s vocals really hit the spot and blend in perfectly with the rest of the track, going for a full-on, engaging vibe.

“Tick Tock” is a really good example of modern rap that sets the bar higher, both in terms of lyrical and production excellence.