Stunna1k – Now They Know Me 2

Stunna1k - Now They Know Me 2

Atlanta-rapper Stunna1k has just dropped his 2020 album, “Now They Know Me 2”!

Originally born in Harlem, New York, the artist relocated to Atlanta in 2010 where he has been creating and releasing music ever since. Stunna1k has just released his fresh album, “Now They Know Me 2”, a sequel to his 2016 record.

The album has a strong start with “5 Rings”, which features Stunna1k’s signature vocal performance. What makes this song stand out is the fat bass sound and ambient soundscape. This unforgettable bass line is reminiscent of Mac Miller’s “What’s the Use” and Eminem’s “Lock It Up” (feat. Anderson .Paak). “5 Rings” is a great introduction to Stunna1k iconic sound and it immerses the listener into his sonic world!

“Cali” is one of the highlights as it takes the record in a different direction. The instrumental is atmospheric and the guitar line is expressive. On top of this, the artist’s lyrical flow is more melancholic and introspective than the previous tracks and it showcases an entirely new side of Stunna1k.

To finish off the vibrant record “Concrete Jungle” features the artist’s distinctive lyrics and charismatic performance style, and he leaves you wanting more!

Stunna1k recalls the likes of legendary rappers such as Lil Wayne, Future, and 50 Cent, among many others. Just like these acts, Stunna1k creates distinctive rap flows that are personal yet universally relatable.

Check out Stunna1k’s new record, “Now They Know Me 2” on Spotify at the link below!

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