Strat – Unconditional(Still)

Strat presents: Unconditional (Still)

December 2020 – It’s not just the name of an iconic electric guitar: there’s an exciting artist taking the music scene by storm, going by that same moniker! He recently set out to wrap up the year in style with an excellent new release titled “Unconditional (Still).” As the title of this song might suggest, the lyrics are quite personal, detailing some of the artists experiences and feelings through life.

His sound blurs the lines between a wide variety of styles and influences, going from modern hip-hop to some unmistakable old-school vibes. If you are a fan of legends like 2Pac, as well as Nas and Outkast, this one is going to be a great new song to add to your rap arsenal. “Unconditioanl (Still)” is a remarkable example of Strat’s remarkable lyrical flow, and his ability to add some melody to his rap verses, while still retaining that connection with the most hard-hitting hip-hop wave. His ability to perfectly lock in with the beat is truly impressive, and the quality of the music truly speaks for itself.

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