Steven Graves “How Long”

Check out the Official Music Video for single titled ‘How Long’ by Steven Graves 

Steven Graves is a firm believer that “music has the power to transport us to another time and place.” He loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. His new video “How Long” is the perfect visual compliment and soundtrack for that musical journey, perfectly capturing the transformative spirit of his music.

Coming from Southern California, Steven Graves is a singer-songwriter who brings two of the most coveted traits under one roof. His west coast roots influence him to write music that is more introspective than most, channeling the great folk rock artists of the 60s and early 70s like the Eagles, Graham Parsons, Jackson Browne, and more. This, combined with a tinge of country music that inspires him to share the unvarnished version of himself and his life, results in a catalog of songs that are simultaneously personal and communal. Listening to a Steven Graves song can feel like he may be singing to the world at large, but he’s really just singing to you.

With the “How Long” video, the title track to his new album, Graves uses a steady cornucopia of throwback Super 8mm footage to transport viewers back what we can only imagine to be a simpler, more compassionate place. Scenes of friends and neighbors gathering in the community paint a nostalgic and hopeful picture. Words like “innocence,” “hope,” and “discovery” flash across the screen as subtle guides to reinforce the spirit of the video. Although the footage depends heavily on vintage stock, there’s also a healthy amount of contemporary video that reminds viewers that there is still a whole lot of love to give and be gotten in this world. Graves delivers a soulful performance imploring listeners to take their foot off the gas a little bit and remember that we’re all in this together, and that a little love goes a very long way.