Stemah Dosh – 4K

Stemah Dosh - 4K

Stemah Dosh presenting, ‘4K’

4K, track four off my debut project NO BLUE NO GREEN; This song is for the clubs, a song to turn up with in your car, a song for happy moments. It is composed of a little bit of comedy, trash talks, bragging and very strong lyricism.

About album;
No Blue No Green translates to No Water No Life and No Work No Success. Initially, the project was titled Home Boy 4 Life, which would have made track 8. (Home Boy) the headline song for this mixtape, but after the release of Home Boy on the 28th of June 2019, Stemah Dosh changed his perspective of what the album meant to him as a whole
and that lead to the album title today, No Blue No Green. The change was inspired after he reflected on the struggles and all of the unforgettable moments that have made this body of work come together over the workspace of 2 years, from the beginning of 2017 to the end of year 2018. As a college student in a foreign country, he had to pay every sound engineer he worked with on every track from his wallet for the mixing process. He remembers recording and then the laptop trips off so many times right at the middle of a session, he remembers recording with a broken mic stand and some cases where
he had to hold with his hands and also moving from studio to studio, engineer to engineer and many more funny experiences. All of these memories came together and inspired the title of this project.

About myself;
Osumah Osemen Stephen (Stemah Dosh) started his entertainment journey back in high school but as a dancer. Like he said in his song He Grew Too Fast, which he released on March 6th 2017 to mark his birthday, “Growing up, I had no love for this rap thing” this comment was made because as a dancer in Nigeria he was surrounded by the biggest genre Afrobeat and growing up he had no dream of becoming an hip-hop artist. In high school, the only thing he did then was to write raps with friends and most times he wrote rap songs without beats, he was just aware that he could write but never set any goal towards it.

In 2016 after consuming lot of rap songs and becoming a great fan of the hip-hop culture, he was motivated, decided to right on a proper beat and then in October of 2016 he released his first single Imagination and got so much positive feedbacks. Afterward he released He grew Too Fast, Little Body, Kicked Off and his latest single Home Boy.
Stemah Dosh has been said to sound like Jaden Smith the American rapper and recently Aitch the British rapper. At first he had problems with the comparison but now he has a positive view on that. The comparison of his voice to other artist verifies that there are fans out there that would enjoy listening to him and hearing him rap. His goal is to be at the frontline of the hip-hop culture, representing his country and his continent Africa, like other rap artists had done and are doing at the moment.