St. Laviathan – Saint Is the Victor

St. Laviathan hits the scene with a fantastic debut release: “Saint Is the Victor”

March 2021 – St. Laviathan is an artist and songwriter who managed to hit the scene with a fantastic debut single. The track is titled “Saint Is the Victor,” and it feels like a perfect example of the artist’s blend of modern rap and old-school hip-hop influences. St. Laviathan strikes with an excellent production, which immediately makes the song stand out. The artist’s flow is excellent as well, going for a remarkably energetic performance that keeps the listener engaged throughout the mix. His lyrics are clever, and the delivery is fast-paced, highlighting the artist’s notable vocal dexterity.

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend that you listen to this release, if you are a fan of artists as diverse as Tupac Shakur, and 50 Cent, and Eminem, only to mention a couple. There is something quite special about how everything came together in this release

Find out more about St. Laviathan, and do not miss out on “Saint Is the Victor”, which is currently available on the web.