SS Naro – Closing Argument

SS Naro - Closing Argument

SS Naro’s “Closing Argument” is a punchy and powerful new album!

Based in Detroit, SS Naro has just dropped his R&B release, “Closing Argument”. This is the second album from the artist released from the indie African-American owned label, Denaro.

The first song, “D Sucka” kicks off with a killer introduction that draws you immediately into the album. SS Naro’s performance is direct, gritty, and striking. The production aesthetic is balanced and rich, showcasing SS Naro’s distinctive vocals. The rap flow in “D Sucka” has the same creative flair and passion as rappers such as Eminem, Anderson .Paak, and Kendrick Lamar, to mention but a few.

“Paperwork Party” takes the album into a darker and more atmospheric soundscape. SS Naro’s lyrics and flow takes an edgier feel, recalling the likes of Tyler, The Creator, and Logic. In this song, the artist also creates a deeply immersive instrumental that is one of the highlights on the record.

To finish, “Eviction Notion” featuring 722 Tre, ends the album on a high note. The piano melody gives an urgent undercurrent to the mix, and the rhythm keeps the listener hooked.

If you enjoy the likes of classic rappers such as Tupac and Biggie Smalls, and the production styling of Dr. Dre then you will love SS Naro’s new record.

Check out SS Naro’s fresh release “Closing Argument” at the link below!

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