Spectro Da King – What it Do


Spectro Da King – What it Do: Spectro Da King Is Upcoming Artist In Vegas Who Style Is Crazy & Very Interesting Who Is From San Diego Ca. But Came To Las Vegas In 2010 Where He Started His Rapping Career & Every Since Then Rapping Has Been His Passion Spectro Came From A Pair Of Shoes That He Always Loved To Wear When Jerking Was In The Movement & As A Rapper He Never Knew What To Call Himself So He Said Ima Call Myself Spectro And The King Came From His Older Brother Sugga Shay & He Just Put It Together & Called Himself Spectro Da King .He Has Been Doing Shows In Vegas With A Group That He Is Associated With Called WeDemYoungStarz And Also He Is Now Apart Of Group Called ATG Which Means (After The Gwap) Which Is Another Upcoming Group Label As Well. Spectro Da King Is Now 20 & He Strives To Be The Best Artist To Come Up In This Rap Game In 2016-2017