Soulcare – The Fool on the Hill

Soulcare has recently released a new single: “The Fool on the Hill”

November 2022 – This is a very exciting time for Soulcare. The band has recently released a brand-new project named “The Fool on the Hill”, which feels like an excellent introduction to its work.

The production quality is quite astonishing. It offers a really clean and pristine sound, but definitely not a sterile tone by all means. The balance is awesome, and it enables the listeners to fully enjoy the nuances that they can experience in Soulcare’s music and lyrics alike. 

“The Fool on the Hill” is at times energetic and catchy, at times personal and understated, echoing the work of influential artists such as The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Fleetwood Mac, and The Rolling Stones, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Soulcare, and check out “The Fool on the Hill” on all the best digital streaming services out there. This release is going to be a must for fans of rock, soul and R&B music alike.