Soulcare – Les Amants de Buenos Aires

Soulcare Releases New Latin Single “Les Amants de Buenos Aires”

Soulcare is thrilled to announce the launch of their captivating new single, “Les Amants de Buenos Aires,” an original piece brought to life by the remarkable talents of Rodrigo Pahlen and Yann Gaslain. This enchanting track, recorded at Cabrera Studio in Buenos Aires during the mini tour “Soulcare Meets Buenos Aires,” is a heartfelt tribute to the city’s rich jazz heritage and the legendary Astor Piazzolla.

“Les Amants de Buenos Aires” features an impressive lineup of musicians, including:

  • Yann Gaslain – Vocals
  • Johanna Zohler – Vocals
  • Rodrigo Pahlen – Harmonica
  • Hernán Jacinto – Piano
  • Hernán Romero – Guitar
  • Martin Laportilla – Bass
  • Tiki Cantero – Drums
  • Guillermo Calliero – Trumpet

The song skillfully blends the traditional Latin rhythms of Chacarera and Tango, creating a unique fusion that delves into the themes of love and the poignant journeys of separated lovers who ultimately reunite. This mesmerizing duet, sung in both Spanish and French by Yann Gaslain and Johanna Zohler, showcases the universal power of music to transcend language barriers and resonate deeply with listeners’ emotions.

Produced by Yann Gaslain and Rodrigo Pahlen, with expert mixing and mastering by Patrick Petruchelli, “Les Amants de Buenos Aires” is a testament to Soulcare’s dedication to musical excellence and their passion for creating soul-stirring compositions.

The release of “Les Amants de Buenos Aires” marks a significant milestone for Soulcare, offering a beautiful homage to Buenos Aires’ vibrant cultural landscape and its storied musical traditions. This single not only celebrates the city’s jazz legacy but also highlights the seamless blend of contemporary and traditional sounds.

Stream “Les Amants de Buenos Aires” now on all major platforms and experience the magic of Soulcare’s latest musical journey.


About Soulcare

Soulcare is a Barcelona-based musical ensemble known for their innovative fusion of Latin, jazz, and world music. Founded by visionary artists Rodrigo Pahlen and Yann Gaslain, Soulcare continues to enchant audiences worldwide with their rich, emotive soundscapes and heartfelt performances.