Soulcare – Eleonor Rigby

Artistrack brings to you ‘Eleonor Rigby’ by Soulcare

Eleonor Rigby by Soulcare!

An all-time classic song from The Beatles with a remodeled jazz-soul style produced by Soulcare (Rodrigo Pahlen and Yann Gaslain), all in service of music that stands the test of time and is catchy, and offering an unforgettable musical odyssey.

A big thanks and congratulations to the band gathered to produce this song:
Voice : Yann Gaslain
Piano/harmonica: Rodrigo Pahlen
Drums: Nico Correa
Bass: Antonino Restuccia
Guitar: Octavio Hernandez
Trumpet : Guillermo Calliero
Chello : Andrea Amador
Viola : Uixi Amargós
Violin: Marta Cardona
Violin : Maria Roca
Recorded at Sol de Sants studio with Alberto Perez.
Mixing and masteriing made by Patrick Petruchelli
Fotos and Filmings by April Road Studio