Sonny Ganzo Talks “The Algorythm” by Wu-Tang’s 4th Disciple

Sonny Ganzo presents: Wu-Tang Produce 4th Disciple

Global Sounds Records Sonny Ganzo Says Wu-Tang Clan’s 4th Disciple Album “The Algorythm” Is A Prophecy”

Global Sounds Records Sonny Ganzo sat down with us this week to discuss the 2020 Presidential election, racial tension and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what he said. “There’s not enough time to discuss all the moving parts that are on our plate in 2020, but I can say this. We knew it coming and we fell asleep at the wheel. What people call 90’d era music it was all in there.

“We started working on Wu-Tang Clan producer 4th Disciples album “THE ALGORYTHM” back in 2016, which dropped this summer. The single “ANARCHY” by Shabazz The Disciple is prophecy music, It’s the mental food needed to survive in the last days. It’s not the last days for the planet but it’s the last days for our wickedness and hypocrisy. Suicides, drug overdoses and murder has elevated since the pandemic. It’s a mental war we are fighting which is turning physical and biological. Everyone needs to hear this album”. Sonny Ganzo.

There’s multiple focus tracks on the album including “Bagua” feat Sean Price “Paradoxicalism” feat by Boaz, “Erie Destination” feat L.A The Darkman, “Premeditated” feat Vinnie Paz, “Mobin” feat Planet Asia and “What Hapn” feat Sadat X (Brand Nubians).


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