Sonny Dumarsais – Truth of Matter

Sonny Dumarsais launching one of his most personal songs to date: “Truth of Matter.”

Singer and songwriter Sonny Dumarsais always had a penchant for beautiful melodies and personal lyrics, often reflecting on deep themes and life experiences. In 2019, Sonny managed to release his new single, “Truth of Matter,” which is currently available on Spotify.

The song begins with a stunning electronic beat, combined with a funky electric guitar line. The vocal harmonies in the background adds so much depth, contributing to the melodies of the song. Sonny’s vocals are characterful, dynamic ad direct. He has a lower, nearly baritone vocal tone which exudes warmth and pathos. His voice is extremely soulful, almost somewhere in between the infectious tones of Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gay, with the depth of Barry White, among others. Sonny is also an excellent guitarist who knows how to complement his songs with some world-class guitar playing. The guitar hooks on “Truth of The Matter,” are just a fantastic example of his musicianship. Clocking in at slightly over the 3-minutes mark, the song feels like a stellar, one-of-a-kind combination of different genres, culminating in Sonny’s personality and creative vision.

The track embodies the organic character of artists like D’Angelo, along with the catchy appeal of performers like Anderson Paak, among others. What’s special about this release, is the fact that Sonny wears his heart on his sleeve, and he is never afraid to speak up when it comes to his feelings. In addition to that, the production has a smooth modern tone, which sets the bar higher in terms of sonic excellence.

Find out more and listen to “Truth of Matter” by Sonny Dumarsais:

“Truth of the matter” written & Produced by Sonny Dumarsais/ Lead vocals – Sonny Dumarsais/

Background Vocals- Brian “Smooth” Perry, Rob Marreo & Sony Dumarsais/Additional vocals & Adlibs- Brian Smooth Perry/ Keys- Berthony Excellent /Drum programing- Daniel Francious

Keys- Berthony Excellent /Drum programing- Daniel Francious /Guitar by Sonny Dumarsais
Engineered by – Mr Solo/ Recorded at- Cerebral sound studios


Reynoldson “Sonny” Dumarsais (Due ‘Mar Say) is an accomplished singer/songwriter/producer and musician who came from humble beginnings playing lead guitar for his church.

April 2017, Sonny began his solo artist career, which encompassed travel up and down on the East Coast and throughout New York City. As a solo artist, his style of music comprises a mix of hip-hop, R&B, neo soul, and rock ‘n’ roll immersed in spiritual influences gained as part of his church upbringing. As a young man, Sonny’s baritone vocals are complemented by soulful lyrical interpretations of his lead guitar.
September 2017, Sonny Dumarsais released his first single and video, “Pick Up #TheCall,” that received the 2018 International Music and Entertainment (IMEA) Award for RnB/Soul song of the year.

March 2018, Sonny released his first EP, ”Transition.” This EP is a reflection of Sonny’s life experiences starting with his major adjustment, moving from musician to solo artist.
July 2019, Sonny released his new single, “The Truth of The Matter” which provides an R&B groove full of summertime fun. Sonny’s goal is to make music that reflects the times. He also desires to produce music that paints a picture of his life’s experiences that will be recognized by audiences regardless of age.