Sonny Dumarsais – Transition

Sonny Dumarsais - Transition

Sonny Dumarsais introducing new EP “Transition”

Singer and songwriter Sonny Dumarsais recalls a rather humble start, as he began his fruitful career by playing guitar for his church. Since then, he has grown on to become an accomplished producer, singer and songwriter, representing the best of the New Jersey music scene, and he has even shared the stage with well-respected artists the likes of Angie Stone, Neyo, Anthony Hamilton, and many more.

Sonny’s most recent studio EP, “Transition” has been released earlier in March 2018. The work is a very personal collection of track, which focuses on Sonny’s life experience, particularly in a trying time of transition. He broke up with his girlfriend, and the experience led to him suffering from a writer’s block and a broken heart. Thankfully, Sonny had his strong faith to help him get back up, and he was able to write some of his best songs to date, inspired by the sound and feel of modern R&B and neo soul.



Artist Bio

Reynoldson “Sonny” Dumarsais (Due ‘Mar Say) is an accomplished singer/songwriter/producer and musician who came from humble beginnings playing lead guitar for his church. Sonny joined a band of talented musicians from the New Jersey area who were his best friends – they all grew up together in the church. The friends formed a band called “Plan B” and later changed their name to “The Plan Band.” The Plan Band helped Sonny form his signature sound by introducing him to rhythm and blues. The band then went on to participate in many local and national gigs, including the McDonald’s gospel fest.

The trajectory of Sonny’s musical career changed when his family suffered a terrible four-alarm fire that destroyed their home. Sonny lost everything in the fire, including his prized guitar. Down and out, the life-changing experience inspired Sonny to begin writing lyrics and composing songs to express real-life stories of hope. Sonny’s talent as a guitarist allowed him to share the stage with artists he admired such as Angie Stone, Neyo, and Anthony Hamilton, to name a few. Sonny has played in legendary venues such as the Howard Theatre and BB Kings, alongside the likes of Lyfe Jennings and Elle Varner. In the fall of 2016, Sonny joined Jeremiah’s Kall Productions, designed to help young men move to the next level in their musical careers. Now Sonny has a manager, C. NaTasha Richburg, to support his journey as an artist.
In April 2017, Sonny began his solo artist career, which encompassed travel up and down on the East Coast and throughout New York City. As a solo artist, his style of music comprises a mix of hip-hop, R&B, neo soul, and rock ‘n’ roll immersed in spiritual influences gained as part of his church upbringing. As a young man, Sonny’s baritone vocals are complemented by soulful lyrical interpretations of his lead guitar. On September 26, 2017, Sonny Dumarsais released his first single and video, “Pick Up #TheCall,” which tells a story of a young man filled with anxiety due to experiencing repeated unanswered calls.

Sonny longs to inspire audiences to achieve greatness, as he strives to be the voice for those filled with anguish and are seeking songs that express optimism. He desires to speak across generations’ one listening ear at a time. Sonny’s goal is to make music that reflects the times. He also desires to produce music that paints a picture of his life’s experiences that will be recognized by audiences regardless of age. Sonny wants to “Make music that encourages audiences the freedom to feel real emotions.”