Smokephi Beej – Beej Almighty

Smokephi Beej - Beej Almighty

Smokephi Beej introducing his latest album, ‘Beej Almighty’

Smokephi Beej is an artist and C.e.o. of Smokephi Sounds LLC; and a co-owner of Smokephi Apparel.
Beej Almighty is the 5th project and it’s certainly Smokephi Beej’s best work. The album was released in early January, and it is lead by 3 singles. The first one “Yellow Gold” offers a dark and lavish feeling of confidence amongst materialistic things and accomplishments. The next single “Zoom” gives a hippy, futuristic vibe of always being on the move. While the last single “30 for 30” brings the trap vibe of 808s crashing while Beej and FRO offer quick flows in their delivery.