Slicc Lee – Nothin’ in tha World ft. Jag

Slicc Lee to launch new single, “Nothin’ In The World,” featuring Jag.

Ricky Lee, better known as Slicc Lee, is an artist with a focus on delivering his own take on hip-hop. His flow is groundbreaking, edgy, and unapologetic, displaying a feel for unique rhymes and cool rhythmic ideas.

Recently, he teamed up with fellow artist Jag, in order to release a brand new project titled “Nothin’ In Tha World.” The single features world-class production aesthetics, with a touch of old-school and a modern heart. It’s impressive to hear how Slicc and Jag merged their talents, achieving a perfect sense of chemistry with this track.

What’s special about Slicc Lee’s music is definitely the fact that his releases reflect his background, and in particular, his story of uprising, using music to reach out to people, achieve his goals and follow his dreams, in spite of the hardships and curve balls of life.

“Nothin’ In The World” is a powerful, self-affirming song with a unique dynamic range, and it will definitely be a go-to single for fans of artists like Cassidy, Kid Ink, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Find out more about Slicc Lee, and don’t miss out on “Nothin’ In The World,” which you can currently find on Spotify and other platforms on the web.