Slay Choppo – Beethoven

Slay Choppo - Beethoven

Slay Choppo presents: Beethoven

A full-length album with a massive and ambitious rap sound.

November 2020 – Slay Choppo is finally hitting the scene with his debut album, which seems like a very personal compendium of the artist’s path through life and music. When you hear him going through his verses and rhymes, you can immediately get a sense of the artist’s genuine attitude. He is talking about real stuff, things that he experienced, and in some cases, things that he had to overcome. The truthfulness of his words matches the artist’s grimy and direct lyrical flow. It’s raspy vocal style is edgy but not too gritty, adding some energy to the mix, but also retaining an incredibly youthful style. The album unfolds throughout the span of 12 songs, including the self-titled opener, which is an excellent way to kick off the record. There are plenty of highlights here, including “Drunk Mind,” one of our favorites due to its incredibly slow and heavy feel. This one has a super raw vibe, bringing something special and more organic tot he album.

This one is going to be your cup of tea (spiked up with a strong whiskey) if you do enjoy artists such as Lil Wayne, as well as Polo G and Eminem, only to mention but a few