Skelley’s Dream Releases “True”


True’ is the 14th CD of Skelley’s Dream that brings 14 great songs that range from pop, R&B to soul and modern ballads. The CD was recorded in Holland, USA, UK and other parts in the world. About 20 musicians have collaborated together to get the CD where it is now.


Songwriter Winski den Hartog who initiated Skelley’s Dream brings a variety of songs. The positive vibe and energy can be heard from song to song. The CD contains the songs:

1. Madly 02:52
2. Ballet dancer 03:19
3. When will I see you again 03:22
4. Take this town 03:45
5. Let’s do love 03:32
6. Smiling face 02:19
7. Alibis 03:47
8. Seasons 03:25
9. Promises 03:25
10. True 03:46
11. Wonderful me 03:49
12. Make magic 04:01
13. Let me love you 03:50
14. Never be clever 03:06

Skelley’s Dream Album True Captures the Beauty of Modern Sound

If you blended together the most popular styles in mainstream music and added a splash of unconventional wisdom, you would surely fall upon the sounds of Skelley’s Dream, and international project innovated by songwriter Winski Den Hartog from Holland. The recent album release ‘True’ from Skelley’s Dream is a colorful canvas of contemporary artistry at work. The album introduces modern music enthusiasts to the classic sounds of soul, pop, and R&B as presented through a 14-track listening experience highlighted by uplifting melodies and elegant lyrics.

A lot of the songs can also be seen on YouTube

The CD is available on:

Skelley’s Dream is musical adventure initiated by Winski, a songwriter from Holland. It started small but has grown out to an international project.

Goal is to make a great, moving and original sounds and songs played by enthusiastic and creative musicians, who just love music for what it is.

We produce music that touches the soul in any way it can.

‘I make Poptimistic music’