Sir J. ‘Ardy Francis – Almost Alone


Sir J. ‘Ardy Francis – Almost Alone: This record could have easily been called “From Beer to Eternity”. Or “Exile on Alimony Street”. Both would have been funnier. Every now and then I disgrace myself so thoroughly that I am forced to move to another town, alone and start afresh. Each time sadder, wiser and poorer. Except this time I was sober and had God in my heart! So, only ever almost alone. And never afraid. And then there was Sam. Ain’t life grand! There in the grace of God went I and by his grace I go still.

With thanks to Terry Waite C.B.E. for giving me my middle name – J. ‘Ardy Franics, The Good Lord Protector.
For our Dads.

And in loving memory of our brother Gordon Murphy – 1968-2016.