Sikadis – Heartbeat

The New York-based aspiring artist SIKADIS is all set to introduce fresh elements in the world music genre with his debut single ‘HEARTBEAT’ now streaming on SoundCloud.

Although he has just made his official appearance on the zone, the song gives no hues that he is a beginner in the zone and can easily be compared to the chart toppers in the SoundCloud arena. SIKADIS is signed under the music label vibes camp entertainment and will soon be coming up with more singles on the platform.

The track ‘HEARTBEAT’ is blended with all the essential elements of world music genre. The single mainly focuses on his exceptional voice texture that is very versatile and perfect for any genre. Artist SIKADIS is very expressive and in this single, he has beautifully connected with the listeners. The music score of this track is very tempting and different kinds of instruments have been used to create the melody.

‘HEARTBEAT’ is a pure love track and perfect for all who want to confess their love to their partners. The track is a perfect example of the contemporary styles of music that uses both old school and new school styles. World music that is much known for its use of folk beats has attained a new dimension with SIKADIS’s new single. He has juxtaposed traditional style with trendy beats that have created an edge to the single.

Artist SIKADIS truly deserves some extra attention for his versatility. Right now he is working on different new projects that fans can listen very soon on SoundCloud. He is also looking for collaborations and working very hard to expand his professional circle. If you are looking for the best source of inspiration to express your love, listen to ‘HEARTBEAT’ exclusively on SoundCloud. To know about his latest events follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.