Sheobi – Sheobimotion

Sheobi – Sheobimotion:

The mostly instrumental music from the Sheobi project can often be classified as Electronica or Space Music, but there’s no plan to follow a specific genre, and the styles involved may vary somewhat from release to release. Sheobi is still a one-man effort by Finnish producer Lauri Movall who creates all the releases from start to finish (including the cover art and videos), but that could naturally change in the future if suitable collaborators are found.

Most of the tracks are produced in a completely virtual (i.e. computer software) environment without any physical instruments or physical recording of vocals involved, now building heavily on virtual analog synthesizers and other modeled instruments, and also on self-created sequencing software. But in the end even that comes more from practical reasons and chance than from any strictly defined intentions as such. It’s just how the project has become so far, and things can always develop in several different directions. Eclectic is the norm here, and nothing is meantnto be locked in place as such what comes to either style, tools or crew… Just trying to do what feels right at any specific point of time (with varying results).

This particular track was released in standalone form and as a YouTube video at first, but it’s now also included on the 6-track Arcturus EP, available in several different online channels. Feel free to try all the other releases as well!