Shaneen Bonner – Sad Days Are Over

Shaneen Bonner - Sad Days Are Over

Shaneen Bonner releases her new single, ‘Sad Days Are Over’

Shaneen Bonner is a gospel artist with a passion for reaching out to people with her true emotion and her unique lyrics. Recently, the artist released a fascinating brand new track that’s titled “Sad Days Are Over.”

This song is meant to inspire people and reach deep within the heart of the listeners. What’s really special about this song is that Shaneen’s vocals are so powerful that it almost feels like a spontaneous, improvised flow of melodies and lyrics. These amazingly motivational words are coming straight from her heart, and it’s an emotional outpour with lots of warmth, faith, and hope for everyone who is listening.

 The song immediately showcase Shaneen’s amazing vocal flow. She speaks with energy and pathos, really connecting with the audience through her work. Her lyrics are incredibly exciting to listen to, because she can keep up with the beat, almost without taking a breath, and when she does it is really is synced up with the drum beat. The harmonies and vocal layers bring so much melody to the song, giving the rhythm a unique twist.

 From the emotional strength of the performance, down to the unique production and the beautifully appealing sound, this is a special treat for any gospel fan, especially because it also brings some old-school influences to the table, such as R&B and Motown, among other styles. Shaneen is more than just an entertainer, but a true beacon of hope and light, bringing joy and happiness to whoever takes the time to listen to her beautiful music.

 Find out more about Shaneen Bonner, and don’t miss out on “Sad Days Are Over,” which is now available on the web