Shambhu – Reflections

Artistrack brings to you ‘Reflections’ by Shambhu

“Reflections,” the new single from well-known guitarist, Shambhu (Neil Vineberg), invites the listener to pause and quietly introspect as one navigates the twists and turns of life. Everything has beauty, purpose, and meaning. We have only to see it that way.

“Reflections” was originally conceived for Shambhu’s beautiful “Acoustic Oasis” album, but remained unfinished until November 2023, when Shambhu breathed new life into it. The result is almost three minutes of ultra-relaxing, calming, peace and tranquility. It’s acoustic guitar Heaven.

Shambhu has a special way and unparalleled touch with his guitars and one can feel the “oneness” present in all his compositions.