Sean Cos Mason (Sean M) – Girl Tip Toe

ArtistRack brings to you the talented Sean Cos Mason aka Sean M and his new track ‘Girl Tip Toe’

About Sean Cos Mason

Sean Cos Mason was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in East Orange NJ at the age of 6-8. Thenceforth, his remain years of growing up were in Montclair, NJ.

Sean is a remarkably gifted entertainer, who started in the entertainment industry at the age 6. His mother signed him up with three talent agency, one of them were Adel Kids Talent Agency located in Staten Island for acting where he was called to be an extra in Gooiness and Soprano, along with few other auditions that included commercial Gigs. Although, Sean interest always was into music. From an early age, Sean Cos Mason mother introduced him to different genera of music. Whether it was a club, classical, jazz, Christian music or music she played for her music appreciation college course. He will listen and learn the vocal range, melodies, instrument, beats, and other music languages; Sean was always involved. It was these early experiences that influenced him and sparked his interest in wanting to become interested in the music industry.

As a teenager, he expanded on his knowledge by taken up music lesson in his school Choirs at Mount Hebron Middle School where he learned a variety of instrument, melody and other things that come along with improving his music skills, and techniques. Thus his passion for music continued to grow.

Subsequently, obtaining his High School diploma in 2008 he started to get strongly involved in surrounding himself with other music artists in the industry, performing in the Tri-State area underground clubs, a radio station (Real Deal Radio) and participating in rap battles with Ice Grill music group to get his skills up.

In 2008 Sean also became an entrepreneur with his best friend and cousin who started an online website called Hip Hop Stash for other upcoming artists like himself who wants to upload their music on their site for exposure. This includes allowing people to advertise their business on the website. When ever Sean is not running the site he will be in class, working or partaking in numerous rap battles from New Jersey to New York during the weekends. Sean also started taken up Business law class to learn the business part of music at Kean University and Essex County College.

Later on, Sean started to loss interested in participating in rap battles. He wanted to focus more on getting a record deal, his college degree and branch out on his own to create a Brand for himself. In 2010 Sean branded himself through his music tagline-Nonillaah/Noneillah. The word Noneillah became popular in the music industry. Sean continues to focus more on his personal love for music in the music industry, fashion and building his brand.

Sean talent started to evolve in songwriting, music engineering, digital design, web design for music websites and interest in starting his men t-shirt line. When Sean’s Noneillah clothing started to get exposure in the underground New York Fashion Week the name had become popular in the fashion industry.

Until this day Noneillhah is a registrar trademark business and it’s becoming a household name in the underground music and fashion industry. Sean’s goal and mission are to get his music and fashion known on the international/global level.

Sean Cos Mason new single is hot that it has everyone talking about his new single Feel So Good. Sean is a regular perform at the talk about Real Deal Radio.

Sean had released few of his EP’s R&B hip-hop music from his Round My Way track.

Noneillah overall slogan is…You Must Trust No One Is Better Than Us!

Noneillah Fashion slogan is…No Designs Are Better Than Mine!