Scott Linker – You in Black Pjs

Scott Linker, the brilliant musician known for his distinctive alternative sound, has captivated audiences once again with his latest release, “You in Black Pjs.” This compelling track is part of his highly anticipated album, “Flat Earth Songs From Around the World,” which graced our ears in August 2023.

Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like the Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, and Dave Edmonds, Scott Linker continues to push the boundaries of musical expression. “You in Black Pjs” is a thought-provoking composition that delves into the idea of self-improvement and the dangers of self-appointed judges in society.

In this track, the enigmatic “Black Pjs” symbolize the metaphorical robes of those who appoint themselves as judges of truth and righteousness, rather than relying on established legal systems. Linker’s lyrics carry a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor while delivering a profound message. As Max Planck once wrote, “The belief that there is one truth and you alone possess it is the most dangerous idea to human kind.” “You in Black Pjs” underscores the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and promoting open-mindedness.

Linker’s musical craftsmanship shines in this composition, blending a catchy beat with lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide. He skillfully captures the universal experience of dealing with individuals who offer unsolicited advice and criticism. As the song aptly puts it, “Silly people standing there who disagree and never win, and wondering why they can’t get through your door.” Linker’s unique expression offers a relatable and engaging narrative.

Scott Linker’s “You in Black Pjs” is a must-listen for anyone seeking music that not only entertains but also encourages reflection on the complexities of human interaction. With “Flat Earth Songs From Around the World,” Linker cements his status as a musical visionary, pushing the boundaries of alternative music in 2023.

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