Scott Linker – Respect For All Life

Scott Linker presents: Respect For All Life.

June 2021 – Scott Linker is an artist and songwriter based in Las Vegas. Throughout the past year, he released a stream of consistently excellent songs, and he shows no signs of slowing down! His most recent studio effort is a track titled “Respect For All Life.” As the title of the song implies, this track has a poignant meaning and a very inclusive universal message that is incredibly powerful and inspiring.

Fans of artists like George Harrison, Donovan, Ravi Shankar, or The Kinks are definitely going o connect with Scott’s version on this particular song! From performance to production, “Respect For All Life” hits the mark in every way, and it also provides a very strong message of hope and unity for the people of the world. Life is precious, and we are all finally figuring it out in these dark times, now more than ever!

Find out more about Scott Linker, and do not miss out on his most recent single, “Respect For All Life,” now available on Spotify and other digital music streaming services out there.