Scott Linker – Horseshoe Down

Scott Linker introducing brand new track, Horseshoe Down 

May 2020: Singer and songwriter Scott Linker always had a knack for telling a powerful story and relying on a truly immortal art form in order to reach out to his audience. His music is inspired by the aesthetics of folk, country, and Americana, but there is so much more to it than that.

He learned all about melodies from influential artists like The Beatles, and he learned how to create iconic tracks from seminal legends like David Bowie. What happens when you bring all of these influences together under one roof? A fantastic artist like Scott Linker, and his most recent studio release, “Horseshoe Down.”

This song combines many different musical influences and ideas, but they don’t just feel like a melting pot of different stuff borrowed here and there. On the contrary, Scott has developed a fantastic personality as a singer and songwriter, and he longs to express his passion with his music.

Find out more about Scott Linker, and listen to “Horseshoe Down,” which is currently available on the best streaming platforms on the web, and on Youtube.