Scott Linker – Hide & Seek

Scott Linker is back with a new studio single: Hide & Seek.

July 2021 – Scott Linker is one of the most diverse artist’s you’ll come across. One one hand, his songs are incredibly immediate and easy to relate to. On the other hand, he is always willing to take chances with his music and try new ideas, both sonically and conceptually, exploring different topics and ideas with his releases. His most recent release, “Hide & Seek” is a track with some spiritual connotations, and a bit of an Indian flair to it. The song explores our constant quest of trying to find light in the darkness, hoping to find something more transcendental than the pitfalls of our material world. Whether we know it or not, we’re all on this journey, and the song feels like the perfect soundtrack for it. Scott’s melodies are soothing and natural, and there is a timeless vibe to this wonderful studio work. Fans of artists such as George Harrison or Ravi Shankar are definitely going to connect with this one.

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