Scott Linker – Shyster Linker & Linker

Viva Las Vegas Recording Artist Scott Linker Releases New Single “Shyster Linker & Linker” from Upcoming Album “Four Strings & a Jest”


Viva Las Vegas’ own eclectic recording artist, Scott Linker, is set to release his latest single, “Shyster Linker & Linker,” from his highly anticipated album “Four Strings & a Jest.” This playful and inviting track showcases Linker’s signature blend of humor and musicality, featuring his masterful ukulele skills and witty lyrics.

With a repertoire boasting over one hundred and sixty compositions, Scott Linker has established himself as a unique voice in the music industry. His latest collection, “Four Strings & a Jest,” is a testament to his versatility and creativity, with a focus on funny novelty songs that are sure to bring a smile to listeners’ faces.

“Shyster Linker & Linker” is a light-hearted take on the ubiquitous TV lawyers that dominate our screens. In a time when many conversations lack humor and joy, Linker’s new single serves as a refreshing antidote. The track embodies a playful critique of these often over-the-top legal personalities, encouraging listeners to laugh and lighten up.

Linker’s musical inspirations include legends like George Formby, Joe Brown, Ukulele Ike, and George Harrison, all of whom have left an indelible mark on his style. This influence is evident in his latest work, blending traditional ukulele sounds with contemporary satire.

“Four Strings & a Jest” promises to be a delightful addition to Scott Linker’s already impressive discography. Each track is crafted to entertain and amuse, making it the perfect Rx for anyone in need of a good laugh and some uplifting tunes.

Scott Linker will be performing selections from “Four Strings & a Jest” at upcoming events in Las Vegas. Fans can expect an engaging and entertaining live experience, showcasing Linker’s charismatic stage presence and musical prowess.

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About Scott Linker: Scott Linker is a Viva Las Vegas-based recording artist known for his eclectic compositions and humorous novelty songs. With over one hundred and sixty original pieces, Linker’s music is a delightful blend of wit and melody, heavily featuring the ukulele. His work is inspired by musical greats such as George Formby, Joe Brown, Ukulele Ike, and George Harrison.

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