Say-Yo-Feek – #WORK

Say-Yo-Feek releases the visuals for his new single, ‘Work’

Say-Yo-Feek is an artist with a passion for timeless R&B vibes, combining the warmth of the old guard and the clarity of the modern scene, all into a fantastic package filled with personality and edge. Recently, the artist announced the release of a brand new single, a track titled “Work.” This song really stands out as a perfect example of what you can expect from Say-Yo-Feek. He has a natural talented for arranging and production music that has an emotional, yet exciting and catchy feel. Say-Yo-Feek found his passion for music when he was still attending elementary school. Back then, he thought that music was a great way to get closer to girls, but then he also realized that there was much more to it than that. In his own words, Say-Yo-Feek found that “his music spoke to the ladies, while speaking on behalf of the men.”

This sentence really exemplifies the expressive, emotional and sultry tone you can find on “Work” and it really highlights why Say-Yo-Feek has such a broadly diverse appeal. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are or what’s your background: you could certainly connect with the artist’s eclectic blend of music! If you are a fan of artists the likes of Frank Ocean, The Weeknd or Miguel, you are going to enjoy this release, which is now available on Youtube with a beautifully shot video (created by 2K Films)

Shot by: 2k Films
Written By: Alton “Say Yo Feek” Benoit & Sydney Sam
Produced by: Indigo Beats