Sarahjane Cromarty – My Treasure (Matthew 6:21)

Sarahjane Cromarty - My Treasure (Matthew 6:21)

Sarahjane Cromarty presents her new song, ‘My Treasure (Matthew 6:21)’ which is taken off her full album: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sarahjane was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. She has always enjoyed playing the piano, however has never learned to read music. The Lord laid it on her heart in April 2019, to compose the album, “Sleep, In Heavenly Peace”, with each song being inspired by scripture. Not having had any professional musical education, and only ever having played by ear she felt vastly unequipped, regardless she sat down at her piano and began to play whatever the Lord gave her. She continues to play and create soul-stirring music on the piano, as the Lord inspires her, and prays that the music He gives her to share might be a blessing to many. You can learn more by visiting her official website where you can also find her previously released albums – all of which are available on all music platforms. Her new album, “Interprétation” is scheduled for release later this year.