Sarah Yve – Rather the Pain

Artistrack brings to you ‘Rather the Pain’ by Sarah Yve

Sarah Yve released her new track ‘Rather the Pain’. Raw and full emotion she sings about the addiction of loving a ‘bad boy’.

“Rather the Pain” is a deeply authentic-sounding modern soul-infused blues rock track. With its powerful vocals, soaring instrumentals, and deeply emotional lyrics, the song is undeniably firing on all cylinders, and if you’re a fan of the blues, soul, or rock genres then you simply can’t afford to miss out on this incredible

‘Rather The Pain” is an engaging classic-sounding soul-infused blues rock track and I’m sure lovers of the genre will find it to be a worthwhile listening experience.

With performances that have the power to pull you in effortlessly and a distinct level of emotion that only the blues and soul genres can accomplish, Sarah Yve’s’ moving and undeniably authentic sounding “Rather The Pain” is a resoundingly absorbing piece of music. As is the case with many a soul-lathered blues track, feeling is everything, it’s what gently drives the music forward and helps give the music its distinct sense of character, the poignant themes explored in the lyrics, and melody-heavy nature of the music that surround these elements, “Rather The Pain” is able to accomplish what it set out to do, and that’s to give its listeners a meaningful and memorable listening experience.