Sam “Smit” – Phone Call (Mixtape)


Sam “Smit” drops his brand new mixtape, ‘Phone Call’

Sam Smit Started making beats in high school when he was 16. He always wanted to make music and create things. Once he found a way to make music a reality, he took it up and has been continually working at it till this day.

At age 26, “Smit” released his first mixtape embarking on his new-found art of writing and freestyling. Project: Avant Garde, Vol. 1 was the beginning of a new rapper/producer – Sam “Smit”.

After 5 projects and 3 instrumental projects, he’s back with his new mixtape PHONE CALL. His new mixtape is a compilation of his unreleased music before the COVID-19 pandemic and brings a vibe of readiness, safety, and determination.