Sachellys – Quien fue

[MUST LISTEN] Sachellys returns with the release of her new single, ‘Quien fue’

Sachellys’s diverse background has led the singer-songwriter to create a style of music that is equally as unique. The young artist was born in Colombia but raised in London, developing an eclectic music taste due to her parent’s interest in latin music and her siblings interest in modern genres such as R&B and hip-hop. When she began singing herself, this meant she was drawing from popular artists with amazing vocal talent such as Chris Brown and Kali Uchis, but also studying the energetic musings of artists like Grupo Niche and Celia Cruz who could move a listener to their feet and get them dancing. This blend is something Sachellys prides herself on; she can make the record you hear at every club in the city but easily switch gears to create timeless tunes you can play in your car on your ride to work. Her debut single “Could You Be” was release in early 2019 and landed her a spot at a local Pride Festival that year. Her debut EP is set to release in 2021, combining R&B vocalizations with the soul of reggaeton. Sachellys is bringing a sound to the table no other artist can replicate and translating it into a solid fan base that is sure to grow even further, starting with you!