S.H Brogod – Hitman

S.H Brogod - Hitman

S.H Brogod to release new studio single: Hitman.

July 2020 – S.H Brogod is a rapper based in Trenton, New Jersey. He is a rare talent, who goes to great lengths in order to develop something that’s quite unique in the music scene. His sound sets the bar higher in terms of great hip-hop. He was raised listening to some of the best artists on the scene, and he has a deep respect for artists such as Lil Wayne, as well as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, only to mention a few.

His music is direct and unapologetic, with a strong focus on great lyrics and innovative production ideas. A good example? Check out his latest single, Hitman. The vocal arrangement is very special, perfectly locking in with the beat, so much so that the voice almost sounds like another instrument at time! S.H has a flow that is both musical and dynamic, and his lyrics are dope and real, packing a punch with some seriously ill rhymes.

Do learn more about the talented S.H Brogod, and check out his recent release, Hitman, which is currently available on digital music streaming platforms, such as Spotify.