Rome Wise – Corner To The Office

Rome Wise unleashes his new single, ‘Corner To The Office’

In his debut single “Corner To The Office” Rome Wise details his experience going from a street hustler to working a job, then quitting his job and becoming a full time entrepreneur. The concept is based around a business owner talking to a business team about their experiences and interviewing a potential employee. The song was created for people who are tired of wasting their life building other people’s dreams and are brave enough to take a leap of faith and bet on themselves. The debut single is produced by Rome Wise along side Arkayem Productions.

Rome Wise was Born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY and raised in East New York, Brooklyn, NY. He began writing music at age 11 years after an older friend from his neighborhood started doing music and suggested that he should try it. He began recording at 16 and officially started releasing music at 26. Influenced by lyricist such as Nas, Jay z, and Lupe Fiasco, his music consists of storytelling, and witty wordplay with themes of street life, black empowerment and ancient spirituality. His style is an updated version of the east coast golden era style of the late mid 90’s. Rome is currently recording his debut album “Born To Be The King” preparing for a summer 2019 release.