Roi C Gilmore – The Anguished Ones

Roi C Gilmore - The Anguished Ones

Roi C Gilmore presents a new solo album: The Anguished Ones

April 2021 – Gabriel Roi Charles Walker Gilmore, better known as Roi C Gilmore is an artist with a focus on creating music that bridges the gaps between a wide range of creative influences and genres.

He recently announced the release of a brand new album titled “The Anguished Ones.” This release stands out because it is incredibly diverse, with such a huge range of influences informing the artist’s creativity. One of the best things about The Anguished Ones is definitely how Roi managed to seamlessly capture the spirit of the golden age of hip-hop, while still pushing the boundaries and setting the bar higher in terms of innovation. This is a hard-hitting collection of songs where melody and energy are equally important.

Find out more about Roi C Gilmore, and do not miss out on his most recent studio effort: The Anguished Ones. This release is now available on the web, and it stands out as an amazing introduction to Roi C Gilmore’s amazing style and flow.