Robert Manigault – Found Someone

Robert Manigault - Found Someone

Robert Manigault releases brand new single, Found Someone

A combination of pop appeal and R&B melodies.

Robert Manigault is a singer, songwriter and a producer with a passion for the lush melodies of pop and the emotional depth of R&B. Recently, Robert released a stunning new single named “Found Someone.” This track feature strong vocals and spot-on arrangements, which really allow the singing to shine.

Fans of artists as diverse as Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo and Isaac Hayes are going to be able to connect with Robert’s passionate delivery, as well as his emotionally driven songwriting and spontaneous lyrics. The production is crisp and clean, bringing so much balance to the track, and contributing the unmistakable feel of this release.

The song marks an important step forward in Robert’s career. The artist is on track to gather many more fans, and leave his mark on the music scene.

Find out more about Robert Manigault, and check out “Found Someone,” which is now available online.