Robert Manigault – Found Someone

Robert Manigault is back with another stunning single and music video: Found Someone.

April 2020 – Robert Manigault is an artist and songwriter who has a truly one-of-a-kind attitude. His sound is a strong combination of R&B, funk, soul, and motown, with many instrumental sections as well as some soothing vocal parts to spice things up.

What makes Robert’s music special is that he puts so much passion and personality into his vision, and this is definitely what is happening on his most recent video, “Found Someone.” The track has a very energetic and soothing sound, which sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics.

There is truly no limit to what he can accomplished, and he is not only a great bass player, but an all-around great musician who knows how to use the studio as an instrument, almost, creating skillfully produced tracks that make the listeners dream, laugh, dance, and move to the beat. This release is a must if you are a fan of great soul music!

Find out more about the talented Robert Manigault, and listen to Found Someone, which is also available on Youtube as a matching music video.