Robert Manigault – Champagne Nights (Instrumental)

Robert Manigault - Champagne Nights (Instrumental)

Robert Manigault introducing new instrumental release: Champagne Nights

March 2020 – Robert Manigault is a composer and songwriter with many tricks up his sleeves. He is a world-class bass player, but he also knows how to play other instruments as well as creating full and amazing arrangements, leading to a one-of-a-kind sound that feels direct and exciting. Recently, he released a new instrumental piece that’s titled Champagne Nights. This song dives deeper into Robert’s creativity, exploring his passion for World music, but also funk, soul and R&B.

The song’s structure is engaging and forward-thinking, with a soaring arrangement that feels groovy and melodic. The production is very tasteful, and as you would expect from such a talented artist, the musicianship is truly top-notch here, with every little nuance hitting the mark and adding to the track rather than overpowering it. Robert is passionate about creating music that’s all about the mood, and this is the perfect sonic journey to make people feel like they’re leaving the room, even if they’re physically in the same place!

Find out more about Robert Manigault’s music, and listen to Champagne Nights, which is currently available on Spotify as well as other streaming platforms on the web.