Robert Manigault – Better Man

Listen to “Better Man,” a new music video by Robert Manigault.

December 2020 – Robert Manigault is an artist and songwriter who’s straight out of San Antonio, Texas. His sound is earnest and direct, and his listeners know that whenever they are listening to their music, they are getting a true glimpse into Robert’s heart and creativity as a songwriter. The video to the song is absolutely wonderful, serving as a special visual match to the music. The film-clip starts with a scene that reveals the romantic meaning of the song, and it is incredibly well-acted, contributing to the storytelling. This almost looks and feel like one of those great videos of “MTV’s golden age,” – reminiscent of videos from iconic acts such as Prince or Michael Jackson, only to mention but a few. This amazing song by the aptly nicknamed “passionate producer” Robert Manigault is made even more compelling by this cinematic and engaging music video!

Find out more about Robert Manigault, and do not miss out on “Better Man,” released to the artist’s very own imprint label: Liquid Dragon Records (Est. 2018). The video is readily available on Youtube