Robert Manigault – Better Man

Robert Manigault is back with a new song: Better Man

December 2020 – Robert Manigault released many excellent songs this year, but his most recent studio single, “Better Man,” is one of the highlights in his recent discography. The song sets the bar higher with an incredibly warm and catchy production. From the impact of pop, down to the warmth of soul music and R&B, anything goes! The single might remind listeners of icons such as Price or Michael Jackson, but also modern artists like Bruno Mars or The Weeknd, only to mention a few.

The song has a beautifully haunting tone, with some cinematic textures and mesmerizing soundscapes making the sound stand out. What makes Robert’s work so special is the fact that he is always thinking of exciting ways to add a fantastic signature feel to his music, and this song is no exception! For an even more immersive experience, don’t forget to head over to Youtube, where you’re also going to be able to find an exciting music video for this single!

Check out “Better Man,” and do listen to “Robert Manigault,” which is currently available on Spotify, and elsewhere on the web.