Rich Prince – Summer Vibes (TMZ)


Rich Prince – Summer Vibes (TMZ):

Rich Prince is on the verge of making a big impact for himself in a music industry that is populated with so many styles and varied cross over genre of music. Coming out of Ocho Rios, Jamaica RIch Prince created a sound that is not all Reggae Dance Hall, a sound with a twist to it. He created Reggae Dance Hall fused with Hip Hop & R&B with the help of some amazing talents on the track, namely; Young Don & Young Kemekal. “Summer Vibes (TMZ)” was born and released for distribution via Indie Label GI Records LLC on October 3rd. “Summer Vibes (TMZ) promise to be a sought after SIngle spreading through Jamaica and World Wide. Rich Prince goal is to continue to churn out, like home made butter, nothing but the best music in this new age style of Reggae Dance Hall Hip Hop & R&B. Copying from the likes of his mentors that most music fans are familiar with, namely; Chis Brown, LIL Wayne, Vybez Kartel, Rich Prince is indeed meticulous and careful about how he uses their styles to create a certain sound and swag, for himself. His aim is to be considered and earn props to be called one day, the greatest in his style of music that he writes. Rich Prince hope that this new Single “Summer Vibes (TMZ)” will give him the credit he deserves.