Rey.Ant – Comin for You

Rey.Ant is back with a new single: Comin for You

December 2021 – Some artists are always looking for ways to expand their creativity, avoiding getting stuck in the usual cliches and creating wonderful soundscapes that feel more personal and direct in terms of exploring new sounds. This is most definitely the case of Rey.Ant, a talented artist who recently dropped a new single: Comin for You. This new song is deceptively simple in its execution, but the more you dig deeper, the more you will realize that there are many excellent dynamic layers making the sound all the more exciting and personal. This is why this song feels like a perfect calling card for the artist!

Ultimately, Rey.Ant’s music should really be in the ballpark for any fan of artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder, among others. What makes Comin for You special is that the song is consistently energetic when it comes to its rhythm, yet there is a lot of melodic dexterity making the song stand out from the herd.

Find out more about Rey.Ant, and listen to Comin for You. This brand new release is currently available on some of the most popular digital music streaming services on the web.