Rey.Ant – Comin For You

Rey.Ant has recently released a new song: “Coming For You.”

Rey.Ant is a singer and songwriter from Washington, currently based in Atlanta. He has been passionate about music ever since he can remember, to the point that he was already playing air-guitar as a child, listening to some amazing R&B classics!

He grew up to the sounds of legends like Prince, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson and Ray Charles, and he continued to expand his artistry through the years, eventually developing an amazing original sound. This song is very atmospheric and melodic, and it also feels incredibly romantic given the nature of the lyrics. More importantly, the artist is undeniably passionate about sharing music that feels honest and spontaneous, connecting with people on a much deeper level.

The atmospheric vibes of the arrangement of the track are almost reminiscent of classics such as “Purple Rain” by the almighty Prince. Comparisons aside, Rey.Ant is definitely a talent in his own right, and he is able to stand out with his creative flow and songs.

Find out more about Rey.Ant, and do not miss out on his music.