Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) – Across the World

Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) releases new single and music video, ‘Across The World”

Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) is a rap artist who goes back to the roots of the genre for inspiration. His music carries that undoing fire of some of the best 90s rap. From the east coast swagger of artists like A Tribe Called Quest and The Notorious B.I.G., down to the west coast flow of Tupac, and NWA, anything goes!

Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) recently wrapped up a new song titled “Across The World,” which was also made available with a matching music video. The video offers a perfect visual match to the powerful vibes of the music, giving it a more natural feel and a cool experience, especially for first-time viewers who aren’t familiar with the track yet.

Even without accompanying it with the video, “Across The World” is a poignant song with a gripping lyrical flow, highlighting the songwriting and verse-shaping mastery of the artist. Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) definitely deserves his artist name, because he does have a magic touch with words, and he knows how to inspire the audience and tell powerful stories with his lyrics.

Check out “Across The World” and find out more about Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah),