Real Ova Deceit – Word To The Wise

Real Ova Deceit releases brand new single, Word To The Wise.

Real Ova Deceit has been busy creating new, exciting music. The artist recently announced a brand new song titled Word To The Wise. What really stands out about this release is definitely the fact that it combines catchy melodies with energetic hooks. The production is also on point, going for a crisp, yet punchy sound. Fans of artists as diverse as Outkast, Moneyman, and Bone Thugs N Harmony are definitely going to enjoy the sound and feel of this production, which serves as a really great introduction to the work of this talented artist.

Word To The Wise embodies all the perks of great rap music, and it also adds an innovative twist to the genre, giving the audience a special perspective on this particular type of music. Today, it is really all about not getting stuck within the parameters of a single genre. Artists like Real Ova Deceit represent a new generation of forward-thinkers, paving the way for the future and setting the bar higher in terms of innovation and production excellence. If you love music with high qualitative standards, this one is going to be right up your alley.

Find out more about Real Ova Deceit and don’t miss out on this release, which is now available on the web.

Check out the Official Music video for ‘Word To The Wise’

Produced By Bulter Bangers

Directed by ShotbyPrimetime